Soulstones? What's that? Is it a plugin?

No. Soulstones are another part of the game scripted in by Ares513. They're rare unique items that can give advanced effects. There are currently two different Soulforges (a third is planned) where you can get a Soulstone. To get a Soulstone, first, find the Soulforge. There will be a series of tasks to complete, then you'll be given a personalized soulstone for one person only. There are ten soulstones; you get one at random. If you lose your soulstone, it's gone forever, so hold onto it!

You can activate your soulstones (or anyone else's for that matter) by holding it in your hand and typing /ss. All soulstones have a 300 second cooldown that is shared by all soulstones in your inventory.

The SoulforgesEdit

There are two soulforges. One of them is outside of Ourea, past the City Hall (follow the road leaving town through the swamp biome.)

The other soulforge is rumored to be near the public mines of Palioaxis, but nobody's sure. Anyone who's gone down there hasn't come out...

Reforging a soulstoneEdit

Soulstones can be "reforged" to improve their effects. A reforged soulstone has improved abilities. Reforging a soulstone will improve its effects, and sometimes add entirely new ones. You can reforge a soulstone at the pedestal near the Dextrus Diplomatic Vessel. ==Types Of Soulstones== All "reforged" abilities are in addition to the standard abilities.

Fireball SoulstoneEdit

Launches a fireball at your cursor. Reforged: Ignite enemies around you.

Lightning SoulstoneEdit

Strikes the target block with lightning. High damage. Reforged: Strikes all nearby hostile enemies with lightning

Unholy SoulstoneEdit

Grants invisibility for a quick escape. Reforged: Increases duration and adds speed and jump height.

Nova SoulstoneEdit

Sends a wave of flames out from the caster. Reforged: Flames spread much farther and faster.

Frozen SoultoneEdit

Sends a burst of snowballs out from the caster. Reforged: Water turns to ice as you walk near it, allowing you to walk on it.

Aegis SoulstoneEdit

Grants enchanted armor to the user, provided that you aren't wearing armor while you activate it. The armor is temporary. Reforged: Grants total invulnerability for a short period of time.

Juggernaut SoulstoneEdit

Powerful soulstone. Grants bonus maximum health and enough regeneration to fill your health bar. Allows you to tank large amounts of damage. Reforged: Regeneration level increased, lasts longer. Very hard to hurt in this form.

Healing SoulstoneEdit

Heals the user to full health and removes potion effects. Reforged:Gives massive regeneration buff when healing.

Repelling SoulstoneEdit

Pushes your enemies back. Reforged: Pushes your enemies back REALLY FAR.

Prismatic SoulstoneEdit

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