These are the General Rules of the server. Please note that not all "Common Sense" rules will make it on to this wiki so dont be surprised if an Adminastrator contacts you about a rule you dont see here. 

Basic RulesEdit

  1. Griefing is NOT allowed. Building random dirt structures, filling houses with blocks, or stealing blocks from a structure is considered greifing!
  2. Most buildings on the server are protected so you can't break them. We have our own faults, so if you find an unprotected building, that is not an invitation to grief it. You WILL BE PUNISHED! Instead, report it to an admin or email us.
  3. Even though Players can protect there chests through the Lockette plugin on the server it is still NOT allowed to steal from unprotected chests!
  4. Please reframe from harrassing current administrators
     to give you a higher rank! You must be a member for the server for at least THREE MONTHS before you can apply for any Administration Position! 
  5. Please do not beg staff for items or teleports. We will provide such services when seen fit. Excessive pestering can result in being kicked or muted if needed.
  6. Respect the staff. You don't have to worship them, but please show a little politeness, they work hard to help everyone the best they can. 
  7. No racisit or anti-semetic actions or speech. If you don't know what that is, look it up before you start playing! The punishment for this will be swift and brutal possibly even a perma ban. 
  8. Any threats towards a player having to do with real life will NOT be tolerated and will likly result in a temp ban on the first offense.
  9. Homophobic language is strongly frowned upon. It is not expressly prohibited because it can sometimes slip into speech. Excessive use will however result in a permanent ban. 
  10. No hacks! A hack is anything that gives you an unfair advantage over others. X-Ray hacks and fly mods are examples. You will be banned immediately if seen using either of these unfair advantages.
  11. No spoilers or hints about any of the in-game content. Revealing how to complete quests, how to fnd quests, or how to understand quests will result in punishment.
  12. Do not exploit any glitches you find! NPC traders giving away free items is one example. "I didn't know it was an exploit" is no excuse. Please use common sense!
  13. PVP is enabled on the server. Be warned, killing someone outside a PVP arena is allowed, however towns or groups associated with the victim can put a bounty on your head. 
  14. Spawn camping is NOT allowed and will result in a ban.
  15. All settlements have their own laws. Be sure to obey those or else the gaurds will be looking for you.

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