This is a page made to describe how the warp system, known as the "Ft system", is used on PromethiaRp. Also, this article will visit a few strategic ft locations you should venture for! 

The FT SystemEdit

On PromethiaRp, unlike other servers, you must DISCOVER where you want to go before being able to warp to the location. Usually you can find a random handful of FT's if you run along roads, but there are still a few FT locations you must search for! 

After you discover a few FT locations you'll probably start to forget how to spell the names of the locations if you type 


in chat you will get the list of FT's you have discovered. 

Once you know where you want to go, type:

/ft (name of location)

and you can be on your way!

A few warps you should search for right off the bat!Edit

Turtorial- Before you jump off of that waterfall at Tutorial Island look to your left and step on the Blue Lapis platform to pick up the FT for Turtorial. You can use this FT location as meeting point if players dont have all the same discovered locations as you do.

Arena- After exiting Turtorial island head left towards the Arena! You should notice another Blue Lapis platform close to the Arena's entrance, walk into it to pick up the "Arena" Ft location. The Arena warp is right near one of the (soon to be) more RP heavy cities so you should be checking in every so often to check for any new prices on items, new NPCs, or new quests to explore!