Item sets provide a unique bonus. They can be acquired through quests, but some are donation only. You can pick from the tiers if you donate! Donation Benefits

This list may be incomplete. If you donated on the last map you may want to wait to redeem this until we can complete our list. It may take some time to script the item set, as not all of them are complete.

Tier 1Edit

Armor Set: The Unyielding Item: Iron Individual Set Bonus: Incredibly high durability- Unbreaking X on each set piece


Unyielding Treads Unyielding Greaves

Unyielding Curiass

Unyielding Crown

Set bonus: If damaged when you’re below half health, you get a regeneration bonus for a short time.

Accessibility:  Quest, Donation

Weapon Set:

Blademaster Neri’s Armory:

Items: Iron sword, Iron Axe


Blademaster Neri’s Greatsword

Blademaster Neri’s Great Axe

Individual Bonus: Bane of Arthropods X

Set Bonus: Hitting an enemy (players only) and immediately hitting them again with the axe will strike them with lightning.

Myrmidon’s Armory:

Weapon Set:

Myrmidon’s Axe

Myrmidon’s Scythe

Myrmidon’s Blade

Myrmidon’s Longbow

Myrmidon’s Military Pick

Set Bonus: Having all 5 items in your inventory increases all damage dealt by 2.5 hearts.

==Tier 2==

Euphatian Combat Suit

Armor Set (quality iron)

S701 Stonewall

S701 Boots

S701 Leggings

S701 Core

S701 HUD

Individual effect: Resistances to various environmental effects

Set Effect: S701 Purge: Kills all nearby mobs when you’re damaged by one. Cannot trigger more than once every 500 seconds.

Tier 3Edit

Robe of the Archmagi

Armor Set:

Archmagi’s Boots

Archmagi’s Greaves

Archmagi’s Cloak Archmagi’s Hood

Set Effect: Windwalk

Right click while sneaking to gain massive bonuses to movement speed, invisibility and haste for a short period of time. 500 second cooldown.

Availability: Quest or donation benefits

Hellsmith Armor:

Armor Set: (quality Chaimail, Unbreaking X)

Hellsmith Boots

Hellsmith Greaves

Hellsmith Curiass

Hellsmith Helm

Set Bonus: You are completely immune to projectiles and zombies.

Rougeshroud: Armor Set: (quality leather)

Rougeshroud Boots

Rougeshroud Leggings

Rougeshroud Tunic

Rougeshroud Hood

Set Bonus: You are invisible as long as you keep the armor equipped. Unequipping the armor will remove the effect, equipping the armor will add the effect.

The Merudian Legacy:

Armor Set (quality iron)

Merudian's Boots

Merudian's Greaves

Merudian's Chestplate

Merudian's Helm

Set bonus:Gain a Strength II potion when hit.