Dalantum is the largest city in Promethia. Its thick bearing walls, as well as the efforts of Blademaster Ziso have protected it from the Maw. Nearby cities such as Areth and Lonopond are also under their juristiction, however the actual citizens living in these towns have long since fled. Despite its struggle to remain safe, Dalantum is still a massive economic powerhouse.

The four districtsEdit

Dalantum has four major districts: Construction And Government (to the right of the entrance<b>)
Offices And Industry (to the <b>left of the entrance
Dalantian Market (to the back left of the entrance)
Residental (to the back right of the entrance)

The Dalantian MarketEdit

The Dalantian market was abandoned in favor of a much more secure Bazaar located outside of Dalantum. It is an underground building which protects it from Euphatian attacks. The Market was mostly closed down because of the attacks from Euphatian warships and blimps.

Construction And GovernmentEdit

The Construction And Government district is exactly what it sounds like. The Euphatian Embassy can be found here. The Euphatians, however, are now at war with Dalantum, and as such, have abandoned their posts. The rail network leading to Reichland and Dextrus can be found here.

Offices and IndustryEdit

Most of the establishments in this district are owned by Mr. Geisnus, a shady figure who has many underground contacts. While the governmnent is busy fighting monsters and opposing nations, Mr. Geisnus buys businesses and has competition... dealt with.


Perhaps the most varied district of Dalantum, this area is home to many citizens.